Nusrat Jahan opened his mouth against the Election Commission with the vote, what did he say? – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Nusrat Jahan, a star MP and actress of Trinamool Congress, exercised her democratic rights in the morning (West Bengal Election 2021). On the same day, he went to the polling booth of a school in Baliganj, South Kolkata with his parents to cast his vote in the 7th Phase Election. Absolutely no-make look Nusrat was seen on the morning of the ‘Maidan’ of voting. However, the Trinamool MP has been seen in his normal posture. He did not forget to attack the Election Commission by voting.

To the tune of his party leader Mamata Banerjee, Nusrat did not leave the Election Commission as the Prime Minister and Home Minister. “Everywhere I went in the campaign, I saw the support of the people. There was only one face for our chief minister,” he told reporters. Why was the Election Commission asleep for so long? When the Prime Minister decided not to hold any more public meetings, the Election Commission banned them. The Election Commission does not listen to any people except the Prime Minister and the Home Minister.

Nusrat has been actively campaigning for the party in this year’s assembly polls. He has been seen campaigning for various party candidates across the state. Nusrat did not forget to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi even with the corona situation in the country. Two days ago, he shared his thoughts in a tweet and slammed the Narendra Modi government.

“We can’t breathe today because Prime Minister Narendra Modi is exporting oxygen out of the country,” Nusrat wrote in a tweet blaming the Prime Minister for the oxygen shortage. But the people of his own country are groaning for breath. ‘ With that he writes down again, ‘This is a crime!’

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