June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Will the ‘traitors’ return to power? The topic of ‘forgiveness’ of Shuvendu-Rajiv is in Mamata’s face!

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Kolkata: The campaign for the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 is over. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee spent almost the entire campaign in a wheelchair in the battle for Nabanna. While the BJP is still demanding 200 seats on the one hand by showing the dream of ‘Sonar Bangla’, and Mamata is holding on to power with two-thirds of the seats. Even on the last day of the colorful Bengal polls, ‘Agnikanya’ remained steadfast in that demand. He said, ‘Mother earth people’s government will win with full majority!’ Not only that, the Trinamool leader also made it clear that all the ‘traitors’ from his party, ‘Mir Jafar’ who have registered with the BJP, will not open the doors of the party for them after coming to power. “I can forgive everyone,” he said from a virtual meeting at the Minerva Theater. But I will not forgive the traitors. ‘

Voting in Bhabanipur is going on today. This time Mamata left her center and went to fight in Nandigram. Against him is the one-time commander Shuvendu Adhikari. At the same time, the BJP is the omnipotence of the whole of India. Despite this, Mamata claims, ‘I once said I want revenge, not revenge. But now I’m saying guys don’t change. Because our government is in power. But we will see what to do with the BJP. I am saying today, the government of the mother earth people will form the government with a majority.

And Nandigram? Without naming Shuvendu, Mamta’s arrow said, ‘They have rigged 10 booths in Nandigram. So only those ten booths can have bad results. But they will go to all the other booths. ‘ Mamata Banerjee also made such remarks about her victory in Nandigram in an exclusive interview with News18Bangla. Despite Shuvendu’s claim, he finished the ‘game’ by two in the afternoon.

In the context of the Corona situation, the Trinamool leader also set the tone with the central forces. In a plea to the Election Commission, he said, “The central forces have come here and occupied the place. The BJP has filled the space by bringing them here for three months. I can’t make a safe house for them even in this corona. I request the commission, please take them away.

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