Coronavirus in Bengal: Which hospital has empty covid beds? After seeing the online application for admission, the state is bringing the portal

#Kolkata: Even after visiting the hospital, the victims are not getting beds As the number of infected people in the state is increasing day by day, this allegation has started to rise The general public can now apply for admission online by checking how many beds are available for Corona patients in any hospital. The state government is launching a new portal for this service Named, West Bengal Integrated Covid Management System or WBICMS.

The new portal will provide real-time information on how many general, ICU or other beds are available for Kovid patients in any government or private hospital in each district. There were complaints for so long that even though the official website showed that the bed was empty, they went to the hospital and saw the opposite picture Because new patients are constantly coming and the beds are being filled In order to avoid this problem in the new portal, an officer with the rank of ADM will be appointed in each district to see that the portal is constantly updating the correct information.

A government notification claims that if a hospital has a vacant bed, patients can apply for admission online. Whether there are beds in the hospital or not, it has been instructed to update the information portal as soon as possible

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