June 15, 2021

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Problems getting to the hospital? Neighbors turned their faces? Difficult easy violin Shuvendu! Kolkata Driver came forward in social media to help people to reach hospitals goes viral– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Shortage of oxygen, beds and medicines has become a major obstacle in the fight against corona across the country. All in all, the health infrastructure of the country is facing a challenge called the corona virus. In such a worrying situation, even ordinary people are extending a helping hand to the needy people. Netizens are looking for multiple medical help addresses by keeping an eye on social media platforms. In reality, the relatives of the patient are also benefiting from this. However, people are dying even though they could not reach the medical center on time. And a driver from Kolkata wanted to stand next to them.

The driver named Shuvendu Sarkar shared his phone number on his Facebook page and assured people of help. He wrote in his social media post, “I am Shuvendu Sarkar, a violinist, I am a driver, if you are sick in this extreme and you have your own car but no one wants to take you to the hospital for fear of infection. You can call me, I I will come forward for you. My phone number is 990306098 “.

Shuvendu’s move is flooded with praise in the comment box of his Facebook page. Someone is calling him Kurnish for this work, someone is saying you win, and someone is saying, “The world is livable for some people like you.” Some people think that many more like Shuvendu will come forward to stand by the families of the people affected by Corona in the coming days.

The situation in Corona is not as good as in other parts of the country. Infection is increasing at an uncontrolled rate. Experts also fear a more widespread form of Corona horror in the state. The state government has already taken several steps to address the situation. Adequate stocks of medical equipment are being arranged starting from the safe house. Despite this, the news of medical negligence is coming up again and again in the headlines. As well as the growing fear of infection in people’s minds. In many cases, the neighbors are not coming forward to stand by the infected family. There have already been deaths at home due to not being able to reach the hospital on time. In this situation, netizens think that this initiative of a kind driver like Shuvendu will give hope.

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