Slightly symptomatic or asymptomatic? 63 doctors of Bengal are providing 24 hours service to the whole country for free

#Kolkata: Sudden sore throat or headaches. Or sudden onset of fever. The people of the whole country are getting nervous when they see all such symptoms. Symptoms that once caused people to have a viral fever or a slight cold are now terrifying. The first question that comes to mind when such symptoms appear, is the corona not clawed? The West Bengal Doctors Forum (WBDF) has taken an initiative to reduce such panic and help people get appropriate advice from home in case of corona symptoms.

Doctors have taken this initiative to help those who have asymptomatic or mild symptoms or are quarantined at home in coronary conditions. This initiative of WBDF is for these patients to get the advice of the doctor and take such medicines. In order to make this service available 24 hours a day, a list has been prepared with the names and phone numbers of 63 doctors. The list has spread on social media right now.

It is also mentioned which doctor will be available for consultation at any time and all of them are free. Physician Arjun Dasgupta shared the list on Facebook, writing, “WBDF’s initiative on behalf of doctors to help corona patients with asymptomatic, mild symptoms and quarantine at home in corona conditions. This is for medical advice only. Don’t use these numbers for any other purpose. And if the doctors are busy, check the list and contact the next person. Stay healthy, stay with me. “

WBDF on behalf of doctors to help corona patients with symptoms, mild symptoms and quarantine at home without coronary conditions … Posted by Dr Arjun Dasgupta on Monday, 26 April 2021

The doctor says, “There were 20 calls in the first hour. Thank you for the little medical advice. We are grateful to be able to join WBDF’s efforts.”

Physician Purnendu Chakraborty is also involved in the WBDF initiative. He says, “I’m getting an unexpected response. There are corona patients. There’s a fear psychosis among the people at the moment. Many people are screaming in fear. They’re getting assurance in this telecalling. “We will continue to provide this service. Many of us are being treated directly at the hospital, so time has been divided for convenience. I am currently providing services three days a week.”

At this time, many people are panicking when they see the slightest symptoms of corona. Although doctors have repeatedly said that co-morbidity is not possible or that there are no serious symptoms, treatment at home in isolation is possible. In that case, people are getting a lot of courage to talk to the doctors on the phone.

Dolanchampa Dasgupta, a doctor, says, “The doctor-patient relationship has been poisoned in the last few decades. Many people from that place are calling in fear at first. I spoke to 120 people today, many of them were not in good health, told them what to do next, I got a call from far away Rishikesh, the whole thing is following the rules of the Indian government, patients have to send a consent form. “I am reminded that we are not doing this for money. I am reminded of the day of the oath. Religion, political beliefs, these can be no barrier between the patient and the doctor – it is very clear today.”

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