A little light of hope in panic, another 4 lakh vaccines in the state on Wednesday

#Kolkata: The second wave of coronavirus is spreading in Bengal at a high rate keeping pace with the whole country. On the one hand, there are questions about infection and death due to the speed of the storm, on the other hand, there is also the question of adequate supply of vaccines. In this situation, four lakh more vaccines are coming to the state with some hope. By noon on Wednesday, four million vaccines from Covishield are expected to enter the state.

It is learned that the vaccine will go to the store of the state health department in Bagbazar after its arrival. The process of distributing it in different districts will start from evening. Due to the vaccine crisis, action has already been taken by the state health department. A request for more vaccines will be made to the center within this week. According to the health department, more vaccines will be introduced in the state this week.

Incidentally, 3 lakh cove shields arrived in the state on Monday. This Corona antidote made by Serum arrives on an Air Asia flight on Monday afternoon. The vaccine is coming again on Wednesday.

Infectious diseases are on the rise in the state. And the infection is growing so fast that everyone is now busy getting vaccinated. That is why the crisis has started as the demand increases and the supply is not in line with that. Ordinary people have to accept the ultimate harassment of not getting vaccine from Kolkata district. Over the last few days, lines have been seen outside the NRS Hospital, Shambhunath Pandit, NRS Hospital in Kolkata. The NRS authorities have arranged coupons to handle the situation. Those who are not getting the vaccine are being asked to come another day, along with coupons. The situation is almost the same in the districts.

Incidentally, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced to give free corona vaccine to the people of the state when she returns to power. More than one crore people in Bengal have already been vaccinated against coronavirus. If Mamata Banerjee comes to power, this free corona vaccine will be given from May 5. In this situation, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held a meeting with the heads of administration with the advance and written permission of the Election Commission. At that meeting, the state government has taken a plan to procure 30 million corona vaccine. According to sources, the administration is recommending the private hospital authorities to take similar steps as the government is taking steps in this regard.

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