Access to the counting center, even if the vaccine is taken, questions the new rules of the commission

#Kolkata: No candidate or his agent will be allowed to enter the counting center unless two doses of the corona vaccine have been taken or a valid negative report has been received 48 hours before the Bengal Election Counting, the Election Commission said in a statement. According to the new guidelines of the commission, under no circumstances should the counting day be crowded outside the counting center. Besides, it has been informed that the list of agents to be given by a candidate for counting should be given three days before the counting, i.e. tomorrow, April 29, at 5 pm.

With the commission’s guidelines coming to the fore, another question has begun to arise. The vaccine is coming in the open market of the country from the 1st of next month. So far, the elderly and frontline fighters have been officially vaccinated. Ordinary people under the age of 45 have not been vaccinated. Vaccine clearances have been available for people aged 18 and over since May 1. So the question is how the under-45s will be in the counting center on that day.

The commission further said that the district election officials should take the responsibility of keeping the counting centers clean. They will be assisted by the nodal officers of the health department.

Recently the Madras High Court reprimanded the commission over the electoral process. The court blamed the commission for the situation. It is also said that the calculation will be stopped if the information regarding the covid rules is not found in the calculation. The commission said on Tuesday that no party would be able to hold a victory rally after the victory. And this time the commission brought forward a few more guidelines. However, the question remained about this new rule.

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