Beleghata-Kashipur, North Kolkata turned into ‘fortress’

Beleghata-Kashipur, North Kolkata turned into 'fortress'

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There are 40 checkpoints. The Kolkata Police is keeping a close eye on the foreigners so that they do not cause any disturbance.

#Kolkata: The Election Commission is determined to conduct the last round of voting (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 Phase 8) peacefully. The last round of voting is in North Kolkata. Strict administration to prevent any kind of unrest in Kolkata North. 106 companies of Central Force are deployed there to prevent the unrest of the vote. There are 40 checkpoints. The Kolkata Police is keeping a close eye on the foreigners so that they do not cause any disturbance. There are 546 polling stations in 29 police stations in North Kolkata. There are 2063 booths. The 8 assembly constituencies in North Kolkata are divided into 96 sectors. In addition to the deployment of central forces throughout the area, there are 6,000 Kolkata police. Extra attention is being paid to those places that are sensitive, prone to tension. A total of 21 deputy commissioner level police officers will be in charge. Joint police commissioners will also be on the streets. There are 6 RT vans for North Kolkata. 29 Heavy Radio Flying Squad, 90 Quick Response Team, about 1000 bikes. There are also about 100 special forces patrol vehicles. Besides, the water police will keep an eye on every ghat of the Ganges. Howrah Bridge also has Naka checking point. There will be 1 booth in the polling station, there will be half section central forces. Where there will be two and four booths, there will be two sections of central forces, where there will be nine booths, there will be three sections of central forces. Kashipur-Belgachhia is one of the places to be monitored in North Kolkata. Because there has been continuous political conflict for several days. There is also an eye on Beleghata. Because a few days ago, the roof of a club in Beleghata was blown up due to a bomb blast. Complaints have also started coming from multiple places in Beleghata and Narkeldanga. Special surveillance is going on at several points in Maniktala and Ultodanga areas. Several places including Tangra, Tapasia, Mathpukur, Antali are in sight. Besides, surveillance is going on in several hotels in Sealdah and Boubazar. Kolkata police is also monitoring guest houses and hotels in Barabazar, Esplanade area.

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