June 18, 2021

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Vaccination of young people can lead to blood crisis – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: The light of hope flickers on one side, and just then a thick black cloud gathers on the other. On May 1, there will be no more barriers for people aged 18 and over across the country to take the Covid Vaccine. At a time when more than 300,000 people in the country are being infected with corona every day, this expansion of the vaccination process is certainly a sign of relief, but the fear is elsewhere. The temperature is rising every day. And heat means blood crisis, where will the crisis go? How much will the Corona vaccination exacerbate this problem?

The main cause of fear is immunization rules. This rule clearly states that no blood donation should be made within 60 days of receiving the vaccine. Meanwhile, blood donation is carried out across the state at this time to save the people of the state from the blood crisis that occurs every summer. And 18-45 year olds took the main role in it. On the one hand, it is not possible to organize blood donation in the midst of the growth of Kovid, on the other hand, the way of blood donation is also being blocked if the young generation is vaccinated to survive. The fear is there, how will it be handled in two months, millions of thalassemia and blood cancer patients will get blood at the right time? If there is a blood crisis in the state without handling the oxygen crisis, can the health infrastructure be maintained?

Bloodmates have been supplying blood as needed for more than five years in Kolkata and other districts. Thoughts are also on the foreheads of the representatives of this organization. However, they are not willing to accept the rate right now. Sohail Mir, an active member of the organization, said: “We have more or less 150 members. Our representatives are working in each district. We are campaigning on social media in anticipation of a major problem. We are asking people to donate blood before they get vaccinated. But now we are camping in small in-house camps. There is already a camp in Kochbihar, there will be two camps in Siliguri too. Many flying donors want to donate blood voluntarily. We also have a district-wide database of blood donors, trying to encourage them to donate blood before the vaccine. ” But can it deal with the immediate crisis? Sohail Mir cannot give a definite answer to this question.

Social workers working directly with thalassemia are multiplying the error. Pushpendubikash Acharya, a member of the Thalassemic Guardian Association’s governing body, also suffers from thalassemia. What exactly is the danger, he explained with reason. Pushpendu says people with thalassemia take blood once every two weeks. In this case, 18 to 45 year olds are getting vaccinated, which means that a donor cannot donate blood for three and a half months. That is why thalassemia patients in the state can face huge difficulties. “We mailed the matter to the National Blood Transfusion Council in detail. রেখে Citing the Red Cross, the FDA, we said there are no restrictions on blood donation in many places. But we have not yet received any new guidelines. We are trying to ensure that donors donate blood before vaccination.” “

Suchandra Kar Mohapatra works as a blood donation coordinator throughout the year. Formerly an active member of BloodMets, he is now working independently, not directly under the umbrella of any organization. Suchandra said, “We are not able to camp now. Blood banks are not encouraging blood donation like before. We are calling people to donate blood to the nearest blood bank. Blood cannot be given for 28 days after taking the first dose of Corona vaccine, meanwhile for 28 days.” It’s time to dump her and move on. The only solution is for young people to donate blood on their own initiative before they get vaccinated. “

No matter how much the political parties quarrel with each other, no matter how many pros and cons there are across the state, there is no denying that the political parties take the biggest initiative in blood donation. This time their hands and feet are also obstructed. CPM district secretary Shamik Lahiri, however, said that the ‘government mismanagement’ with the immunization policy was a blessing in disguise. According to him, even if the vaccine is introduced from the 1st, he does not have any exact address as to when he will get the vaccine. Because the government has no integrated plan. We are therefore starting blood donation in the districts. And we are telling our workers to donate blood before vaccination. SFI-DYFI plays a leading role in blood donation in the state every year. The one who is leading from the front of the whole issue is in another responsibility this time, he is the left candidate of Singur. Young: Left leader Srijan Bhattacharya said, “I donated blood in various places last year, but did not get the cooperation of the administration. Now we are starting a campaign on this issue. We will request DYFI, SFI workers to donate blood in person before getting vaccinated.”

The blood banks of the state are also getting the thunder signal. But it is not going to be preached down the road. Indrajith Kundu, a representative of Life Care Blood Bank, told us, “The situation could be very bad this time. The patient’s relatives should be ready to donate blood for the patient’s needs. Moreover, if someone donates blood in person in advance, the crisis can be overcome.”

Prasoon Bhattacharya, chief physician of the circulatory department of Calcutta Medical College, acknowledged the depth of the problem. “The danger is that there is no blood donation camp now, blood is not being stored in advance. Now that vaccination has started, many volunteers will not be able to donate blood. So it cannot be said that this danger will not be linked to the current crisis in the state’s health infrastructure.” Blood donation camps must be organized after the May 2 voting. Doctor Prasoon Bhattacharya is giving another diagnosis. He argues that a patient can donate blood 28 days after the first dose. Now there is a gap of 45 days between the two doses in accordance with the rules of the center. In other words, a blood donor can donate blood in 10-12 days if he wants. However, he agrees that such a big crisis cannot be solved in this way.

The way then? In the face of another crisis, for the time being, there is only one thing – goodwill.

(Assisted by Abhijit Chand)

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