June 19, 2021

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Which vaccine will Kovishield or Kovacin take? Judge for yourself by knowing the details – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: And only two days. Since then, the corona vaccine will be available in the open market. Anyone over the age of 18 can get the coronavirus vaccine. In addition to registering on the CoWin website or the Arogya Setu app starting today, April 26, the process of vaccinating Corona fighters, including every citizen over the age of 45, including health workers, will continue. But when you go to the open market to get a vaccine, there is a lot of speculation. We put all the details of the two vaccines, including the price and effectiveness of the two vaccines, in front of the reader. Judge for yourself.


The serum institute of India is the manufacturer of this vaccine made by Oxford-Astrojenecar. According to the BBC, the vaccine was made by mutating a virus called adenovirus in the body of a chimpanzee.

How it works

After taking this vaccine, the body starts producing antibodies. These antibodies help the body to resist corona.


The vaccine is thought to be at least 80 percent effective. If the next dose is taken with a break after taking the first dose as per the rules, the effectiveness can go up to 90 percent.


The rule is to store this vaccine at a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius.


The Serum Institute will give this vaccine to the state at Rs. 400. And private hospitals will get this vaccine for 600 rupees.

– Covacin

This vaccine is called inactivated vaccine in medical terms. Experts say the vaccine is made from the dead coronavirus. The vaccine is manufactured by India Biotech, an Indian biotechnology company.

How this vaccine works

The New York Times reports that as soon as the vaccine enters the body, it begins to develop immunity by making antibodies against the SARS Cove-2 virus. In this case the antibody binds to the viral protein. Spike is said to attach to the protein and lose its effectiveness.


The vaccine has at least 6 percent efficacy. The manufacturers say that this vaccine works 100 percent in case of emergency.


The rule is to store this vaccine at 2-6 degrees Celsius.


The vaccine will be given to more states at a cost of Rs 600 than the price of the vaccine. And private hospitals will get this vaccine for 1200 rupees.

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