Wife files case against commission officials for involuntary manslaughter over death of Kajal Trinamool candidate Kajal Sinha

#Kolkata: Kajal Sinha, the Trinamool candidate of Kharadha, has passed away prematurely due to corona. This time, his wife Nandita Sinha blamed Deputy Election Commissioner Sudip Jain and other senior officials for her husband’s death. He has filed a case of involuntary manslaughter at Kharadha police station.

Nandini Devi’s statement has sparked allegations against the commission. Her argument is that not only her husband, but also Jangipur candidate Rezaul Haque and Pradeep Nandir have died due to lack of management of the commission. But in the midst of the crisis, the commission did not budge, despite repeated calls for grassroots integration. Nandini Devi alleged that despite seeing the situation getting out of hand, the commission did not take any action other than closing the meeting after 7 pm. His argument is that the commission did not move even after the caution of the High Court and as a result another candidate Sameer Das (Vaishnavnagar, Independent) passed away. Nandini Devi argues that the commission has not learned anything from the deaths of candidates in the past. And the gathering has completely failed to stop Nandini Devi from pointing fingers at several officers, including Sudip Jain, for her husband’s death. He is accusing the commission members of involuntary manslaughter under sections 269, 270 and 304.

Trinamool leader and state minister Firhad Hakim opened his mouth in this regard today. Firhad Hakim told News18 that Kajal Sinha’s wife has complained today. The same thing we repeatedly told the commission when the corona infection did not spread so much. Lots of people have been brought in from other states. Before that, Kovid was under control in Bengal. They came and raised Kovid. The commission did not add three votes in the last round Instead, they left in the morning preaching time. There was no local crowd at the BJP meeting so people were regularly brought in from outside. We have already said what Baudi did. Firhad’s further addition required a sensitive Prime Minister and Home Minister. Unfortunately, Modi-Shah is not like that. They have swallowed up all the institutions. There is going to be a constitutional crisis.

Kajal Sinha was admitted to the hospital 24 hours before the election. He died on April 25. Mamata Banerjee has more than once expressed deep grief over the death of Kajal Sinha.

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