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#Kolkata: He has been running since morning to increase the number. From the booths adjacent to the EM bypass, through the narrow alleys of Khalpol, the modernity of the flower garden. He touched everything. Occasionally, however, seeing an acquaintance, he stood in front of Beleghata ID Hospital for five minutes and found out how the patient was doing. TMC Candidate Paresh Pal, the Trinamool candidate from Beleghata, is spinning like a wheel on election day.

As a result of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, a pair of flowers are ahead in the Beleghata constituency. The BJP is in second place. Not only is it in the second place, it is lagging behind the first place winner by about 50,000 votes. As a result, there is no doubt in the grassroots about winning this seat from the very beginning. Still a dull alley from the highway. Paresh Pal, who is standing on the verandah of a middle-class two-storey house from Highrise, is trying to find out whether his aunt has voted.

From 1986 to 2008, the Left has won this seat continuously. This seat in Kolkata has long been called the stronghold of the left even after 2011. Paresh Pal snatched the victory here in 2011. He won again in 2016. And in the last two votes, the leftists have come second here. However, the main opponent in this day’s fight is Gerua Shibir In 2011, Paresh Pal lost to leftist heavyweight candidate Anadi Sahu. Paresh Pal got about 56 percent votes The Left got 38 percent of the vote. The BJP got 1.5 percent of the vote. In 2016, Paresh Pal’s vote decreased by 5 percent. Get 53 percent of the vote. Leftist vote decreased by 1 percent. Gets 36 percent votes. The BJP’s vote share increased by six and a half percent. BJP gets 6 percent votes.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, it increased a lot more. Because the votes of the left go to the BJP. Although Paresh Pal has been saying since morning that he will increase the difference. He is seen in various moods throughout the year. There is also a reputation for occasionally warming one’s head. However, whether it is Subhash Mela or Paresh Pal’s Hilsa festival, Paresh Pal’s pair fair is the responsibility of public relations. So after walking around in the morning, Paresh Pal’s only line is, “He who reads all year round, never thinks about the exam on the day of the exam. Think about his number. Now I am looking at how much I can increase the margin.” As soon as he finished speaking, Paresh left the cup of tea and ran again. Increase the number that …


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