June 20, 2021

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But what about sannyas from politics? Debashree Roy is coming back to the screen and will be seen in a television series soon– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Debashree Roy, a former MLA from Raydighi, left the grassroots camp in the face of the Ekushey Assembly vote (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021). Although Debashree has not yet been seen leaning towards the Padma forest. And at the end of the election he says, “I have wasted ten years for politics.” So this time Debashree, an actress and former MLA of Trinamool (TMC) is desperate to return to that old drug-profession. Returning in front of the camera. His diary is going to be light-camera-sound-action again.

Debashree Roy is returning to the screen after a long break. Behind the scenes, producer-director Snehashis Chakraborty. But not on the big screen, Debashree’s return will happen on the television screen. Debashree will be seen in a series of different flavors of Blues Entertainment.

Devashree in the lead role. Snehashis, the producer-director of the story, liked the screenplay, so he did not agree. The name of the series has not been decided yet. However, the story will be Kiram, the director has indicated.

It is heard that the plot of the story is the story of the simple life of an ordinary girl left behind in the seventies. Debashree, once the best actress in Tollywood, who has reigned supreme, will enhance that character with her acting skills. Mobile, laptop or game addiction of that era was not a plague. On the contrary, the director has highlighted the time when the children effortlessly sit at the table with their parents and have dinner.

How are the girls of the past in this modern age? Snehashish’s serial about Debashree in search of that question. This new series will also talk about the bridging of two generations. If all goes well, shooting will start at the end of May. Probably broadcast from June.

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