Shitalkuchi ‘threat’ forces again? BJP candidate accused of strangling female TMC leader

#Kolkata: This time in North Kolkata Vote (Vote in Kolkata) Central Force in Kathgarh. Allegedly, the Central Army jawans were threatening the voters in Kadapara Shitalamandir area of ​​Maniktala. It is alleged that an elderly voter was also beaten there. The old woman has fallen ill. Further allegations against the central forces, they continue to threaten the voters, ‘I will chill!’ However, the Election Commission has not yet opened its mouth about this.

On the other hand, grassroots activists have been protesting around BJP candidate Kalyan Chaubey in that Maniktala. The former footballer got involved in a scuffle in front of the police and central forces. The BJP candidate alleged that he had been beaten. At the same time he was given the slogan Go Back. The ruling party Trinamool, however, claimed that the BJP candidate had come to make noise in the area. Despite Kalyan’s counter-allegations, the voting process in Maniktala has been deliberately slowed down. Maniktala Trinamool candidate Sadhan Pandey reached the spot. He complained, ‘The people here are my family. Kalyan Chaubey came here and grabbed the throat of the female councilor. I have never seen such a rude candidate before. ‘

On the other hand, BJP candidate Devdatta Majhi got into an argument with the police in front of Rani Rasmoni High School in Chowrangi assembly constituency. He alleged that local grassroots leaders were influencing voters in front of the police. Trinamool, however, denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, the wife of Governor Jagdeep Dhankar went to the building of the Principal Accountant General of Chowrangi Assembly to cast her vote. “The Election Commission and the Central Forces have done a great job,” he said. I am happy with the whole management.

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