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#Kolkata: Traveling, Eating, Dance, Reading — Sravasti was spending her days in love. Sravasti Ghosh is a 26 year old girl who is professionally involved in performing arts. Intoxicated love much more. Sometimes he made a garden, sometimes he made a cross-cut-wool ‘craft’ bag. Sometimes naughty with a favorite pet, sometimes a selfie with a favorite person — Sravasti also liked all the things that girls of this age like to be fond of. The Facebook page of Sravasti Ghosh, a bright young woman who studied in Kolkata and Delhi, says at least that. But interrupted by a strange time and some phone calls.

Time is all about death, all about sickness, ‘Corona Kal’ (Covid-19 Pandemic). Another phone call?

Sravasti has never seen the nervous throat of the girl on the phone and in her life. He got a phone number from a source and called. The girl is stuck in Delhi. Covina (Corona virus) positive. Mother died two days ago. Dad is completely alone at home in Kolkata. A little help (Covid Help Kolkata) said the groaning throat, “Is there anything you can do to help Dad? Can some food be delivered in any way?”

Also the phone is coming endlessly. Even from known and unknown people living abroad. Such a person called yesterday. Kovid’s parents are stuck at home in Kolkata. The boy spent so many sleepless nights sitting away. He did not know how to feed his old parents, who would stand next to him. He tied his hands and feet. So called in the hope of a little help.

Sravasti Ghosh Independent Performer Photo: Facebook Sravasti Ghosh
Independent performer
Photo: Facebook

From morning to night in Sravasti, the phone is ringing, there is a cry of oxygen somewhere, the sick family is not getting a bed anywhere. From morning to night in Sravasti, the phone is ringing. The idea came to mind to help these helpless people as much as possible. Even if you can’t get oxygen or bed, you can get food for some people. And from that comes the idea of ​​free home delivery for Corona patients and their families.

Sravasti did not waste time. There is no time to waste anymore! Standing next to her is Ajanta Ghosh, the great soldier of this battle of Sravasti. Ajanta is now at home in government service. I have to go to work two days a week. The rest of the time, Ajanta is holding hands for the endangered people suffering from covid. Srabasti and his friends are currently delivering home-made food in Bagbazar, Shobhabazar, Hatibagan, Ahiritola, Khanna and Ultodanga areas of North Kolkata. Only for those families who are home isolation homeowners. Srabasti gave the Facebook post without much planning.

After trying all day, he was found on the phone at around 11.45 pm. He said, “I started working thinking of cooking for 15 people. But at the end of the first day, the number has almost doubled. I said I can deliver to a certain area. Now that limit has been exceeded. All such phones. So many helpless people. Can’t you say?”

But Srabasti is not panicking. Continuing the battle with a long breath. Go. Because Sravasti knows the rest of the fight is more difficult. The fight is tougher.

If you want to contact, the number is: Srabasti Ghosh Phone: 89027037

Similarly, Harsh Kedia and Ankur Bansal have come forward in South Kolkata. Kovid is delivering free food to positive patients and their families. For the last three or four days, two friends have been involved in this work. They also want to be friends with the people who are in danger in this city during difficult times. Not for the sake of any religion, not for the sake of language, not for the sake of the nation, only for the sake of love for this city and its people. Many seven-five without thinking.

“I don’t know how long I will be able to. But God willing, I want to be by people’s side as long as I need them. I want to help as much as I can. Five out of five members of those families are infected with the corona virus. There is no one to feed them. Turned around at this inopportune time.

Domestic pulses-bread-rice-vegetables ... Photo: Diet Fix and Sravasti Homemade pulses-bread-rice-vegetables …
Photo: Diet Fix and Sravasti

For now, Harsh and Ankur are arranging to send home-cooked food to Kovid victims in New Alipore, Chetla, Taliganj, Kalighat, Haridebpur and Behala areas of South Kolkata. You can book lunch or dinner by calling 24 hours in advance. Ordinary homemade pulses-bread-rice-vegetables — all these. But those who have been exposed to the virus or are fighting with family or friends know how urgent it is to help with home isolation.

There was the hadith of Harsh and Ankur’s efforts. Also the contact number.

Day Hour Beat


Harsh Kedia +91 897449350 Ankur Bansal +91 9811560571

The efforts of Surjit and Ipsita, however, started in Pandami last year. Surjit Raut, who has been in the restaurant business since 2016, suffered a major blow last year. Surjit, who came to the restaurant business after an IT job and later a love of cooking, has a lot of worries in his head. Epsita Bhandari, a friend and one-time Cantt, stood by. Panic over Corona then spread throughout the city. Friend is calling from outside. People who take care of sick parents all the time stop coming. It is difficult to get even a little food. He is eating the bread day after day. The time was shaking.

Surjit and Ipsita Diet Fix Surjit and Ipsita
Photo: Diet Fix

Judging by the situation, Surjit launched ‘Diet Fix’. Ipsita, who is professionally associated with branding communication, joined. They are delivering food to all types of people, both quavid and non-quavid. Pulses and rice at home, following the advice of a dietician, if there is an illness, they send food considering them. ‘Diet Fix’ is sending 300 to 400 people a day to eat. At the lowest possible cost.

Remaining phone number:

Diet Fix +91 86972 88960/9831307464

If an epic is ever written about this coronal period, these people may not have names. Maybe the dust will accumulate on these small and urgent efforts as per the rules of tomorrow. Yet they are also ‘Covid-Warrior’! At least to those families who are getting two meals a day for them. Inexperienced hand-made neat aluminum foil with rice-pulses-potato-poster has sympathy and a premature ‘friendship’!

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