Jadavpur (Jadavpur University) in the Corona War! Jadavpur University students urge to make safe home for corona patient inside university campus– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Jadavpur University has set an example of coming forward again and again in any problem of the country. This time the students here came forward once again in the growing corona infection across the country. The students demanded the creation of a safe home on campus to deal with the crisis. It is learned that a letter has also been given to Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das in this regard.

All the schools and colleges in the state have been closed since the first phase of Corona. Although for the convenience of the students, the school has been started with partial students, but the colleges and universities have been closed for more than a year. Although partially open for official work at times, it has been closed again due to the second wave of corona.

In this situation, the students took initiative to use the campus for the public. Students who are eager to benefit the government and the people of Bengal by creating a safe home on campus. They claim that now nothing is happening in the university, the university is completely closed. So make a safe home in the classroom and in the unused rooms of the university. The students have also given a letter to Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das expressing their plea. However, the authorities have not yet made any decision in this regard.

However, this is not the first time that university students have come forward in the Corona War. Earlier, two students of this university surprised everyone by creating an app in Corona War. Students at Presidency University have also set up a help desk on their own initiative to provide hospital beds and oxygen during the crisis.

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