June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Kovid patient treatment at home? From masks to medicines যে not to mention the rules

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#Kolkata: The country is in the throes of a catastrophe. After the second wave, the situation of dealing with the third wave has started in a big part. The number of daily victims now exceeds three lakhs to four lakhs. Lack of hospital beds in this situation, lack of oxygen is a big problem. Doctors are not increasing the crowd in the hospital to keep the balance. Experts say that patients who do not have co-morbidity have mild symptoms and stay at home in seclusion. But what will be the type of seclusion, learn new guidelines.

Three-layer mask

The center has not allowed the corona patient who is being treated at home to use a normal mask. Asked to use a three-layer mask. It has also been clearly stated how long a single mask can be used. The center says the mask should be removed after eight hours of use. Even if the mask seems to be wet or stiff before then, the mask should be discarded and a new mask should be worn. It is mandatory for the person in charge of the patient to wear an N95 mask.

Use of RMDCV

A patient undergoing treatment in a clear diagnostic room of the center can never be given RMDCV. In case of giving RMDCV to the victim, he must be taken to the hospital.


The room where the patient will stay should be open. It is important to have proper ventilation in the house.

At the moment, many experts say that the third wave may hit by July-August. In this case, they are putting Mumbai ahead. This state is not in a very convenient place. The capital Delhi is breathing new life.

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