The goal is to retain the winning legislators? Mamata Banerjee held an emergency meeting today before the results came out

Abir Ghoshal

#Kolkata: The vote is over. Waiting for the result to come out this time. Earlier, Mamata Banerjee will hold a special meeting with party candidates today. All the candidates of the party have been asked to attend this virtual meeting. What exactly is the reason for calling the emergency meeting? According to sources, Mamata Banerjee will tell the candidates two things. First, don’t change teams by suddenly changing decisions after winning. Do not enroll in the Padma camp by winning what has been tried to explain directly. Second, those who will be the counting agents next Sunday will keep a close eye on everything. One inch cannot be mistaken when counting.

If the gap between the BJP and the Trinamool Congress is not large, the Trinamool may have a problem. What’s wrong? It is feared that many victorious Trinamool MLAs may lean towards Padma Shibir with seats won by various temptations. The team leader can give a message to this meeting to stop them. Many grassroots leaders say that no matter what the booth exit polls say, there is no doubt about their victory. Many leaders say they are going to get 190 seats. In addition to this, although there is no doubt about the victory, many people say that if there are 180 seats, the fight for MLA can continue. So after the victory I am staying at the grassroots, wanting to hear this message or want to be sure of the pair of flower camps.

After the vote meter, Mamata Banerjee had earlier warned about the result. He said that proper monitoring should be done in the counting center. Even the duty roster was done. This meeting was supposed to take place tomorrow. Although it has been brought forward. Several top leaders are expected to attend today’s meeting. Joraful Shibir wants to fix the next tactic in the context of what Mamata Banerjee will instruct today. But Mamata Banerjee is keeping an eye on everything. That will be informed from today’s meeting.

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