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#Kolkata: Out of eight, only 8 exit polls gave his opinion. Mamata Banerjee showed confidence in the meeting with all the MLAs of the party. In the last hours, the vocal tonic of the party leaders, Mamata, is returning to power after getting a majority of seats. In the 45-minute meeting, the Trinamool leader explained to the candidates and agents what to do on the counting day.

Let’s see what Mamata suggested to the leaders at the last moment

Mamata Ubach with postal ballot

Be careful with postal ballot counting. Keep a close eye. Be careful with counting. A lot has happened, you will enter in the morning. You. Can’t go without a place. Keep an eye on everything. We have many seats that are sure to win. BJP can cause problems there So be careful. Sit until the last seat. Don’t come out in any way.

North Bengal in sight

Pay special attention to North Bengal. From there our seats will come a lot. Bankura, Purulia, Jalpaiguri There are several seats where we may lag behind at first. Don’t come out sad. We will win them. Will have to wait until the end.

But before leaving

Take a good look at Form 16 and then start counting. Take the book with you. Don’t take food or cigarettes given by others in any way at the counting center. Two helpline numbers are provided for direct contact. Contact there. Do not succumb to temptation. Do not leave the machine.

The grassroots wants the last moment so that not a single mistake is made. Besides, Ghasful Shibir is also desperate to ensure victory at a greater distance. Many grassroots leaders have changed camps before the vote. Will this trend of Padma Yoga continue even after the vote, so the biggest headache for the time being is the grassroots. Of course, Janata Janardhan will say the last word, so wait for now.

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