Fancy initiative to reduce the crisis, Oxygen Parlor opened in Kolkata! Remaining number …

#Kolkata: The second wave of coronavirus has hit Bengal as well as the whole country. Oxygen on the side – famine of drugs. The West Bengal Government had earlier taken several plans to deal with this situation. In that sense, it is possible for the state to have as much oxygen as possible. To address this situation, the State Health Department and the Calcutta Municipality took initiative to increase the infrastructure jointly with the private organization Lions Club.

The 25-bed Oxygen Parlor is starting from Monday in the passed building. Calcutta Municipality is providing the infrastructure. It is learned that the health department will provide shifts from SSKM Hospital to doctors and nurses. And the Lions Club will give oxygen. Starting with 25 beds, the number of oxygen parlor beds will increase to 200 by May 15.

In the meantime, a total of 200 safe beds with 100 beds are running on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building. That number will also increase to 400 from the middle of next month. Those who are in the safe house, they can come to this parlor if the level of oxygen saturation of a patient outside suddenly decreases. Before coming here, call the helpline number, i.e., 9831768684 to find out if the bed is empty. Today, the outgoing Prime Minister Firhad Hakim inspected the infrastructure there.

Every day in Kolkata, the situation is getting worse. In this situation the number of beds is also being increased. A few days ago, it was decided to build a 500-bed safe home in the building. Besides, a safe home has also been set up at Gitanjali Stadium. Firhad Hakim said that a safe home was to be built in the first phase of the building. This is no longer the case with coronary heart disease. The plan has been taken again as the second wave has taken a terrible shape. There are 10 ambulances here, this time Oxygen Parlor has also been launched.

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