‘I’m fine – stay well …’, the cactus of the blood donation camp at Sidhu’s house to end the crisis!

#Kolkata: The situation is like this, the song is also maintaining ‘social distance’ with the melody. All around was just panic, death march, resentment. Even if you walk on the road with a mask on your face, at least the traveler is tired. When will this time pass? No one knows. Extreme heat outside, the virus is rampant, just death updates on TV-social media! Again, there is a strong blood crisis in the middle of it. It is very hot, and from today onwards, there is no obstacle for anyone 18 years of age or older to take the Covid Vaccine across the country. As a result, the normal blood crisis of the heat, the strong corona in it, the blood crisis (Blood Crisis) where will go this time? This time the Bengali band ‘Cactus’ came forward out of that anxiety.

A blood donation camp was organized on Saturday at the home of Cactus’ lead vocalist Sidhu. A total of 12 people gave blood there. More people were not invited to the Corona situation. Sidhu says, ‘In fact, we are going through a very negative period. Death of people all around. The blood crisis is about to start. That is our small effort from that thought. ‘ On this day, when everyone is donating blood, Sidhu sang, ‘I’m fine, be well / Write a letter to Akash …’

In fact, the rules for vaccination clearly state that blood donation should not be done within 28 days after vaccination. And whether this time limit is passed or not, the time of the second dose is coming. As a result, the blood donor’s hands and feet were tied for more than two months. Blood donation is carried out all over Bengal at this time to save the people of the state from the blood crisis that occurs every summer. And these 18-45 year olds took the main role in it. But this time the situation is different. On the one hand, it is not possible to organize blood donation due to the increase in corona, on the other hand, the way of blood donation is being blocked if the young generation is vaccinated to survive. In such a situation, this program of Sidhu is small in size but it is commendable.

On the other hand, from Kolkata to the suburbs, when hospital beds, severe shortages of oxygen, people are in great difficulty, breathing is becoming more expensive today, covid patients at home, it is becoming impossible to keep one’s feet out of the house for fear of spreading the infection. Food? Roopam Islam, members of ‘Muktakshetra’ and ‘Fossil’s Force’ have extended a helping hand in this situation.

Recently, on social media, Roopam wrote, ‘Those who are unable to buy medicines, markets and other essentials due to Kovid or other problems at home, let us know in the comment box. If we have a representative in your area, we will contact them. They will buy things for you and bring them home. ‘ Many people have also appreciated Rupamad’s coming forward.

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