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#Kolkata: The historic election of Bengal has ended with violence, bloodshed and heated debates. As the night wore on, the results of the Assembly elections were announced on Sunday (West Bengal Election Results). It can be said without hesitation that the whole country and the outside world will keep an eye on this fruit. Observers say the outcome of the election could change the roadmap for Indian politics.

The 2021 Bengal Assembly elections have been held in eight phases. Opposition from the state ruling party with the commission over the decision to hold the polls in stages amid the Covid situation has reached Benazir’s place. The Trinamool has repeatedly written to the commission asking for the amalgamation of the last clauses to aggravate the situation. But the commission has remained adamant in its decision. In the first phase, voting has taken place in 30 seats of 5 districts. In the second phase, voting took place in 30 seats of four districts. On April 1, Mamata Banerjee and Shuvendu Adhikari had a fight in Nandigram. In the third phase, voting took place in 31 seats of three districts. In the fourth phase, voting was held in 44 seats of 5 districts. In the fifth phase, voting was held in 45 seats of 5 districts. In the sixth phase, voting took place in 43 seats of four districts. In the seventh phase, voting has taken place in 36 seats in 5 districts. In the eighth and last phase, voting has taken place in 35 seats of 4 districts. Voting in Kolkata and adjoining areas took place in the last three rounds.

The fourth round was on April 10, the bloodiest in the voting period. At this point, four villagers were shot dead by the central forces at Shitalkuchi in Kochbihar. State politics was in turmoil over the incident. Mamata Banerjee was in a negative position with the central forces from the very beginning. After this incident, he erupted in rage. BJP state presidents Dilip Ghosh, Sayantan Basu and Rahul Sinhara faced controversial action by the commission over the incident.

The commission sat motionless in the fourth incident. Most forces are seen in the fifth phase. In this phase 1081 company central forces were deployed. In the sixth phase there were 924 company forces. In the seventh phase there were 691 company forces. In the eighth round, 653 companies voted. Nevertheless, sporadic violence could not be avoided.

If the most controversial moment of these eight points is the Shitalkuchi incident, then the climax is the Boyal incident in Nandigram. Mamata Banerjee rushed to the booth on hearing of the disturbance. He himself sat there for more than two hours. His conversation with IPS officer Nagendranath Tripathi went viral.

From the very beginning, the grassroots kept the fight between Bengalis and foreigners as the direction of the election. The arrival and departure of all-India level leaders of the BJP, bringing in many entrepreneurs from outside the state, the Trinamool was advancing with the help of misinformation about the intellectuals. Mamata Banerjee used to say that she is the candidate of her party in all the centers. Development was his weapon. Trinamool chanted the slogan Bangla wants its own daughter. Political observers say the Trinamool is actually seeking a hat-trick in the battle for masnad in the women and youth vote. The BJP’s tool, on the other hand, was the allegations of corruption, and the famous social engineering. Both parties want to use the scheduled vote bank. And the USP of the United Front had many young faces. Bahubal was the new ally of the Indian Secular Front.

But after five points, the direction of the election began to turn. While the second wave of corona is breaking across the country, Bengal could not avoid injury. The number of corona patients has increased by leaps and bounds every day. Increased lack of oxygen. Mamata Banerjee blamed the Centre’s mismanagement for the current situation and questioned the transparency of the commission. He was also heard going to court in Mittal during the polls.

Thus the election of Bengal ended in blood-fear-swing. One side will breathe a sigh of relief when the results are announced tomorrow. Although it will not be able to show excitement, because even the victory does not belong to the commission. And whoever sits in the masnad, the future will not be very smooth, because don’t do that, there is a lot of fighting ahead.

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