Two more prominent doctors of the state died in Corona! How to fill the ‘gap’?

#Kolkata: The second wave of coronavirus has struck. The number of victims and deaths (Corona in West Bengal) is increasing rapidly in Bengal along with the whole country. And one doctor after another of the state is also in that death procession. Two more doctors died on Saturday after being bitten by a corona. The two are eminent oncologist GS Bhattacharya and Alok Mukherjee, head of the critical care unit at Asansol District Hospital.

It is learned that doctor GS Bhattacharya was admitted to Amri Hospital in Kolkata for the last few days. His condition has been deteriorating since yesterday. Is kept on ventilation. But that too was not addressed. This eminent physician has died. On the other hand, Alok Mukherjee, head of the critical care unit at Asansol District Hospital, also recently contracted corona. He was undergoing treatment. But he also fell to his death on Saturday. The shadow of mourning over the death of two doctors is in the medical court of the state.

Doctors in the state have been dying of corona since the second wave. This death march started from 2020. Two more doctors died of corona last Tuesday. Although one of them was elderly, the other was only 48 years old. Dr. Perth icon Laha and Dr. Many were shocked by the death of Prashant Mukherjee.

Dr. Perth took two doses of the iconic Laha vaccine. Despite this, he was attacked by Corona. He was at home for 10 days in a row. But then his condition deteriorated. In the end he fell into the lap of death. Vaccination can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Experts have put this claim in question. Lahar’s death.

Meanwhile, 84-year-old doctor died on Tuesday after being infected with corona. Prashant Mukherjee. The elderly gynecologist from Howrah was admitted to the hospital. He died there. Doctor Anup Mukherjee died of corona a few days ago. He also took two doses of Covisheild last January and February. But it did not help. He died of corona.

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