Babul Supriyo makes controversial Facebook post ‘I can’t respect this verdict of the people’, Babul erased by posting in anger – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: He is currently an MP Union Minister 7 on him Whether it was Babul Supriya or not, he lost by more than 50,000 votes in the Tollygunge constituency to the grassroots. And after this loss by a huge margin, Babul 7 expressed his anger on social media

The BJP candidate from Tollygunge wrote without hesitation that he would not congratulate Mamata Banerjee on winning by a wide margin. He has even made it clear that he cannot respect this verdict of the people According to him, the people of the state made a historic mistake Later, however, Babul 7 deleted this post

“I can’t congratulate Mamata Banerjee for winning in Bengal,” Babul wrote on Facebook. I do not want to say that I respect this verdict of the people But I really think the people of Bengal have made a historic mistake Without giving the BJP a chance, they brought back a corrupt, incompetent and dishonest government and a cruel woman to power. As a law abiding citizen, I will abide by the decisions of the people in a democratic country Nothing more. “

This time in Tollygunge, the whole kingdom was watching the battle of Arup-Babul But many may not have imagined that the Union Minister and the Asansol MP would lose in this way. Babul himself did not even imagine such a nightmare He may have made such a post from the expression of ultimate frustration

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