June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

‘Gaddari’ is not accepted in Bengal, most of the grassroots have lost their foreheads! – News18

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#Kolkata: ‘I can’t work from the team’. Before releasing the pair of flowers, several leaders used to chant this word like a mantra. But even if the flowers change, where is the ‘job opportunity’? The result of the vote says that the people of Bengal did not give ‘job opportunities’ to the ‘defectors’. In the face of the Assembly Bengal vote (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021), many first changed the tone, then the camp. As a result of the vote (West Bengal Election Results 2021), the victory of the lion’s share of the leaders who changed that party is elusive.

Rajiv Banerjee is undoubtedly the most heavyweight name among the leaders who changed camps after Shuvendu Adhikari. Mamata left her important membership in the cabinet and enrolled in the Padma Shibir in the face of the vote. A decade ago, the one who planted grass in Bamdurg, will he be able to plant lotus in the grassroots this time? That was the question of lakhs of rupees. Rajiv Banerjee’s rivals are Kalyanendu Ghosh of the Trinamool Congress and Uttam Bera of the CPM. The ‘son of Domjur’s house’ has started campaigning with the flag of the new party in the old field. But in the end nothing worked. Rajiv Banerjee lost.

The desire to work again and again in the voting Bengal has been heard in the voices of various ‘defectors’. Dutt is such a sabyasachi. Joining the BJP, this time in Bidhannagar, there was a strong clash against the Trinamool candidate Sujit Basu. United Front Congress candidate Abhishek Banerjee was on the ground. Sabyasachi Dutt did not have a flaw in the campaign. But he lost against Trinamool’s Sujit Basu.

Before the vote, there was tension over Jitendra Tiwari, the former mayor of Asansol and MLA of Pandaveswar. At one point, Jitendra Tiwari said, ‘I never said I would join the BJP. I said, leaving the team. However, neither political monasticism nor retirement. I am at the grassroots. Now there is no more anger. It’s all over. ‘ After joining the BJP, he was given a ticket to vote in Pandavaswar. But in the end it didn’t work.

On the other hand, Prabir Ghoshal from Uttarpara, Vaishali Dalmia from Bali and Rathin Chakraborty, a former MLA from Domjur, also lost this time. He got BJP ticket from Shibpur.

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