Mamata Banerjee at Kalighat Temple: Mamata Banerjee at Kalighat Temple

#Kolkata: After the landslide victory, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee paid obeisance at the Kalighat temple. He went to the temple in the evening Abhishek Banerjee was also with the Chief Minister Going to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, the Chief Minister offered sweets to his mother He also prayed

Even after the election campaign, Mamata Banerjee came to Kalighat with pujo He came on behalf of the team praying for victory Mamata went to the temple on this day as soon as that wish was fulfilled Before going to the temple, he said at his house in Kalighat, ‘I told you before that I will go to the temple today The priests of the temple also told me that the day of the announcement of the fruit would come That is why I am leaving. ‘

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