Mamata Banerjee on Nandigram: Mamata Banerjee alleges vote counting fraud in Nandigram

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee was vocal in her allegations of vote counting fraud in Nandigram He even hinted that he would go to court if necessary to count the votes in Nandigram He further complained that even after the announcement, other fruits are being talked about in Nandigram

In Nandigram, Shuvendu Adhikari and Mamata Banerjee are fighting for equality. On this day, the Chief Minister alleged that there was opacity in the counting of votes in Kalighat and Nandigram He also questioned the role of the Election Commission

“The Election Commission has fought against us like a BJP spokesperson,” she said When I raised the question about Nandigram before, no one believed One kind of fruit in the whole kingdom, and another fruit in one center? It is not After announcing the result once three hours ago, he is saying something else Voting is going on there, there are some frauds We will fight against it by filing a case in the court That is a matter of only one seat In fact, Bangla has won the match.

However, the Chief Minister is happier with the victory of Benazir Bhutto than without worrying about his own victory or defeat. He said, ‘There is nothing to worry about Nandigram If you want to struggle, you have to make some sacrifices I have fought for Nandigram The people of Nandigram have given their verdict, I have accepted it We have won 221 seats The BJP has lost the match.

The Trinamool leader said on the day that he could take legal action not only against the Nandigram vote counting system but also against the role of the Election Commission.

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