The final drama, Nandigram Joy Shuvendur in 1953 vote! Angry Mamata in ‘Karchupite’

Nandigram: The most heavyweight polling station in Bengal. On the one hand Mamata Banerjee (Mamata Banerjee), on the other hand her commander Shuvendu Adhikari (Suvendu Adhikari). The whole country has been watching Nandigram since the beginning of the election. And in that heavyweight center, the mahanatak went on all day long. In the beginning, Shuvendu was ahead but later Mamata went ahead again. Egon Shishir-putra on the way to victory once again. In the meantime, Mamata Banerjee, the winner of Nandigram, broke the news. Trinamool is breathing a sigh of relief with Mamata’s ‘victory’ in 1200 votes, then the news comes again that Shuvendu Adhikari has won. That gap is called the 1953 vote.

However, there is no confusion surrounding the counting of votes in Nandigram. For now, the results have been announced in Nandigram. Nandigram may be re-counted. However, the Returning Officer will make the final decision in this regard. This was stated by the Chief Electoral Officer of the state Ariz Aftab. But then the Election Commission announced that Shuvendu Adhikari had won in Nandigram. The commission said there would be no recount.

Not significantly, this time in Nandigram, 1069 votes were cast. While there is still no doubt that his party is going to get more than 200 seats despite its own ‘defeat’, Mamata Banerjee said about Nandigram, “Dirty game has been played. All the officers have told me. I will go to the Supreme Court.” He also said, “I have fought for Nandigram. I will accept the verdict. But the vote has been looted there.”

After that, Mamata told an electronic media, ‘Nandigram has been repeatedly changed with data. The team thinks there is something wrong with that. When I raised the question about Nandigram before, no one believed One kind of fruit in the whole kingdom, and another fruit in one center? It can’t be 6 There is vote rigging, there is some fraud. That is why the Trinamool wants the votes to be counted once again in Nandigram.

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