June 18, 2021

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Bangla will show the ‘path’, Mamata is the only hope of the opposition to remove Modi!

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#Kolkata: The result of the Bengal vote was then clear. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah’s strong effort, Mamata Banerjee is sure to sit in the masnad of Bengal for the third time. The question on an electronic channel was, ‘Was this election more challenging?’ News of Mamata’s defeat in Nandigram has just come to light. Despite this, Mamata, who won the entire party on her own shoulders, replied, ‘This election was very important for the whole country. We won that election with the blessings of the people. This election was a big challenge for me for the people of the whole country. So what is the target Delhi? Mamata’s reply was, ‘Now the first goal is to save the people of Bengal from corona. Everything else has been settled before that. ‘ In other words, the message is clear, Delhi is in the eyes of the grassroots leader.

In fact, the results of the West Bengal Assembly Election (West Bengal Election Results 2021) became clear by noon on Sunday. One tweet and statement after another came from different parts of the country. As if they have also taken it for granted, Mamata may be the only face to defeat Modi.

Apart from Bengal, the Gerua camp has produced ‘expected’ results in Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry besides Bengal. The return to power in Assam, the defeat in Tamil Nadu-Kerala, the victory in Union Territory of Pondicherry – the BJP’s plan did not fail in these four states. But the BJP had big plans for Bengal. But Mamata died on the field in that storm. BJP’s demand ‘Is Bar, Dosho Par’ was shattered. So even though Mamata lost in Nandigram, she actually lost the whole BJP. In fact, Mamata won. The opposition now wants to put that ‘formula’ in the context of the whole country.

According to political circles, victory is a lot like opium addiction, which gives some people deadly energy. The election victory is the same for Mamata. Mamata injured her leg long before the vote at Birulia Bazar in Nandigram. The doctors told her to rest for a month but the Trinamool leader did not accept it. After two days, he went out with his plaster on his legs and a wheelchair to campaign. From then on, he ended the Bengal vote with that wheelchair. He got up on his own feet on Sunday, after the victory of Bengal. Although this election was held in Bengal, it was a battle between Modi and Mamata. And the opposition camp has started dreaming about Mamata to snatch victory in that fight. However, for the time being, Mamata’s defeat in Nandigram is a bit of a relief for the BJP. And holding power in Assam is their defense. Some in the political circles were of the view that the infighting between Sarbananda Sonwal and Himanta Bishwasharma in Assam could give additional benefits to the Congress. However, in reality, the BJP has dusted off the Congress and Baruddin Ajmal. On the other hand, opening the first register and forming a government in Pondicherry can give a little oxygen to the Gerua camp in the ‘hard times’.

Kerala has a long tradition of coming to power once in the Left and again in the Congress-led alliance. This time that style changed. Because, the Left Alliance LDF retained power. The Congress alliance UDF is second and the BJP is third. This result is not unexpected at all for the Gerua camp. Not as unexpected is the fruit of Tamil Nadu. The fact that the DMK-E is coming to power in the southern state after ten years, not the BJP’s ally AIADMK, became virtually clear before the vote. The result of the vote proved so.

But the real struggle was in Bengal. The BJP’s dream was huge. Mamata, on the other hand, called out, ‘will play’. No matter how much Modi-Shahra claims to have won 200 seats, many BJP state leaders were skeptical about the 200 seats despite the huge success in the Lok Sabha polls. However, they also had no hesitation in coming to power. The BJP also imported the politics of Hindutva in Bengal as the Muslim vote in Bengal went to the grassroots. The Gerua camp has repeatedly raised allegations of obstruction of Mamata’s government in Durga Pujo and Saraswati Pujo. There was also a huge campaign to grant citizenship to the Matuas. But the gains were nothing. Modi-Shahra fell to Mamata.

Mamata, however, came up with a counter-theory. He repeatedly said in election meetings, ‘I will not allow Bengal to be Gujarat. I will not allow foreigners to plunder Bengal. ‘ At the same time, the Trinamool awakened the Bengali Asmita with the slogan ‘Bangla wants its own daughter’. Since becoming a Trinamool electoral strategist after the Lok Sabha polls, Prashant Kishore has put the Trinamool on the table by conducting grassroots surveys, working on local issues and developing similar tactics. Trinamool regained the acceptance of the people through programs like ‘Didike Balo’, ‘Duare Sarkar’, ‘Paraya Samadhane’.

Significantly, after the victory of Bengal on Sunday, Mamata Banerjee said to give free covid antidote to the people of the country, “If we don’t give free vaccine, we will carry out non-violent movement.” A joint statement was also issued by Mamata along with a total of thirteen opposition leaders, including Sharad Pawar, Sitaram Yechury, Uddhav Thackeray and Sonia Gandhi. Mamata was the first to demand free vaccines. It is learned that the opposition wants to put Mamata in front, not Sonia Gandhi, to hold the center with Corona.

In fact, Mamata’s fierce opposition to Modi started in 2014. Mamata has been consistently anti-Modi since Narendra Modi came to power at the Center for the first time after winning the Lok Sabha polls. Allegations of religious polarization and sectarianism have been raised repeatedly. Mamata Banerjee was the strongest opponent on issues ranging from note cancellation to GST policy, CAA, NRC.

Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, attempts have been made to bring the BJP opposition parties under one umbrella. He announced that the opposition alliance will form the government after winning the vote. In the end it didn’t. Modi came to power again. But the Bengal election of 2021 changed many equations. Mamata showed that she can defeat the ‘omnipotent’ Modi. The opposition wants to take that success of Mamata forward till 2024. Whatever the situation, the 2024 Lok Sabha elections are going to be Modi vs Mamata.

—— Brajesh Kumar Singh

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