Bengal Results 2021: United Front’s bail confiscated in 75 per cent seats, left-Congress in miserable condition

#Kolkata: Failing to open the register, the turnout has dropped to less than 5 percent. The situation of the Congress with the alliance is even worse They got less than 3 percent of the vote ISF 7, the third ally of the United Front, has won a single seat All in all, the information that is coming out in the analysis of the results of the polls is increasing the embarrassment of the allies of the United Front.

Analyzing the results of the polls, it is seen that the bail of the candidates of the United Front has been confiscated in 85 per cent of the seats. Of the 292 polling stations, only 42 have avoided the embarrassment. As per the rules, if a candidate gets less than 16.5 per cent of the total votes cast in an assembly constituency, his bail is deemed to have been forfeited.

The more embarrassing situation is that of the Congress The bail bonds of the Congress candidates have also been confiscated in Goalpokhor and Matigara-Naxalbari constituencies where the party’s top leader Rahul Gandhi campaigned.

If we look at the accounts of the three parties separately, it can be seen that the Left has managed to secure bail in only 21 of the 160 seats contested. After fighting for 90 seats, the Congress has lost 8 out of 11 seats And ISF fought in 30 and saved 10 collateral

ISF has won only 6 seats in Bhangar Otukui 6 also received a united front In addition, ISF came second in Haroa, Basirhat North, Deganga and Canning East. BJP is third in those four centers

The leftists are also second in four centers The Congress is in second place with two seats According to political analysts, the entire Left-Congress vote went to the grassroots. As a result, the work of Mamata Banerjee has become easier

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