“Don’t come, who forbade?” ‘Welcome’ Mamata before the third innings! Mamata Banerjee welcomed the once party members who joined BJP before assembly Election 2021– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: He is going to form the cabinet for the third time on May 8. Earlier on Monday, Mamata Bandopadhyay gave a special message for the ‘Dalbadlu’ from a press conference at her home in Kalighat. The Trinamool supremo has made it clear that they can come if they want to come. “

Before the vote (West Bengal Election 2021), a group of Trinamool left the ruling party and raised the flag of Gerua Shibir. Some of them were MLAs, some were ministers or some were important leaders. Everyone was basically demanding and complaining that I could not work from the team. And that’s why this color change. However, despite the change of political color, many defectors could not see the profit in the ballot box. Although the list of such leaders is short, they are heavyweights. The verdict of the masses was not in favor of those heavyweights like Sabyasachi Dutt, Jiten Tiwari, Rajiv Bandyopadhyay, Baishakhi Dalmia or Prabir Ghoshal. Rudranil, who was once close to the grassroots and also in an important position in the government, has failed to win the hearts of the people.

As soon as they joined the new party, Rajiv and Jiten got tickets for the assembly. However, they failed to win the hearts of ordinary people. Rajib lost to his old party’s candidate Kalyanendu Ghosh in Domjur constituency. Jitendra Tiwari, the outgoing MLA of Pandaveswar, lost his seat. In Uttarpara, Prabir Ghoshal lost to Trinamool star candidate Kanchan Mallick. Trinamool’s Rana Chattopadhyay had to give up the sand seat to Baishakhi Dalmiya.

However, BJP’s Union Minister Smriti Irani has been seen campaigning for the victory of these newly joined leaders. Heavyweights from the Gerua camp, such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, Union Home Minister Amit Shah or Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, have set foot in Bengal to campaign. However, the common people have turned away from these defectors. His reflection has been seen in the ballot box.

This time, however, at the indirect call of the leader, the defectors will return home on foot. To know what political chemistry is, one must keep an eye on the masnad and political context of Bengal.

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