June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

‘EVM in Nandigram changed’, Returning Officer’s ‘SMS’ shows explosive affection

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#Kolkata: Like a maze. This is what the politicians are saying about the results of Nandigram. Throughout the day, sometimes Suvendu Adhikari, sometimes Mamata Banerjee has advanced, again lagged behind. At one point it was reported that Mamata Banerjee had won, but soon the results changed. It can be seen that Shuvendu Adhikari won by 162 votes. But the grassroots is reluctant to accept it. Even after winning the entire state, Mamata herself was upset with her defeat. The party is seeking a recount. However, he also said that he is not willing to think about ‘one’ seat. The Election Commission rejected the Trinamool’s demand for recount. On this day, however, Mamata picked up a message on her mobile phone from a press conference at Kalighat’s house. Mamata claimed that the message was sent by the Returning Officer of Nandigram to her superiors. Where the Returning Officer wrote, he and his family are likely to lose their lives if Nandigram orders a recount. On that day, Mamata said, ‘Everyone has seen the vote in Nandigram. There were biased observers. Returning officers are scared. I received an SMS saying, ‘I have to work at gunpoint. If recount is ordered, there may be suspicion. However, ‘News 18 Bangla’ did not check the veracity of that message.

Regarding the Nandigram result, Mamata Banerjee said yesterday, “Dirty game has been played. All the officers have told me. I will go to the Supreme Court.” He also said, “I have fought for Nandigram. I will accept the verdict.” However, Mamata said, ‘Four hours server down, forty minutes load shedding. Removed many machines. We will go to court. Why are you so afraid to recount? ‘

Incidentally, Mamata was behind from the start of the count in Nandigram. After 12 rounds of counting, however, he went ahead with 4,800 votes. The Trinamool leader was gradually increasing the gap from the 11th round. But then Shuvendu started taking a hit, gradually the whole thing turned into a haze. It was also reported in various media that Mamata had won by 1,200 votes. At the end the fruit changes again. It was announced that Shuvendu Adhikari had won by 162 votes. Trinamool demanded recount at night. But the Election Commission rejected it.

Earlier, however, the Chief Electoral Officer had said that if the report of the Returning Officer mentioned recount, it would be done. But at night the commission said there would be no recount. And Mamata showed a message at 11 pm that night, complaining that she might be killed if the returning officer ordered a recount. As a result, even though the fate of Bengal was decided, the commotion over Nandigram still remained.

Shuvendu Adhikari said he would defeat Hon’ble by half a lakh votes. And Mamata said, show the game with one foot. The whole Bengal saw the tsunami of grassroots. Mamata Jitun or Aaron, sworn in front for now.

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