June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Pamela is not named in the cocaine case, the Kolkata police submitted the chargesheet in 64 days

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#Kolkata: Kolkata Police Anti-Narcotics Division submits chargesheet in New Alipore cocaine case within 64 days. The chargesheet does not name BJP Youth Front leader Pamela Goswami, Pamela’s friend Prabir Dey and security guard Somnath Goswami. These three were practically given a clinchit from the chargesheet Pamela’s lawyer Kailash Tamuli said that Pamela was framed Everything has come up in the investigation So the names of three people including Pamela are not in the chargesheet

According to police sources, there are eight accused in the chargesheet According to court sources, the names of eight persons in the chargesheet are Rakesh Singh, Jitendra Kumar Singh, Suraj Kumar Sa, Aryan Dey, Amrita Singh, Deim Akhtar, Farhan Ahmed and Amrit Raj. That means the names of these eight people are in the chargesheet One of them has been mentioned as a fugitive in the chargesheet Alipore Chief Judicial Magistrate Subrata Mukherjee on Monday. Chargesheet was submitted to the court The chargesheet was submitted to the Alipore CJM as the Narcotics Court was closed The chargesheet will then be forwarded to the Narcotics Court, court sources said Pamela’s father Kaushik Goswami claims that Rakesh Singh has hanged their daughter Pamela by conspiracy. Demanded his appropriate punishment

According to police sources, the 12-page chargesheet was filed in the Alipore court by the Anti-Narcotics Division of the Kolkata Police. In addition, there are eighty witnesses in this case Chargesheet mentions cases against the accused under multiple sections including drug law

According to police sources, the incident took place on February 19 in New Alipore Police surrounded Pamela and her companions as they drove past a well-known restaurant Cocaine recovered from car | Pamela and Prabir, Somnath were arrested by New Alipore Police Station in that incident After interrogation, Kolkata police arrested the rest of the accused including Rakesh Singh Police claim that Rakesh Singh brought cocaine from Sweety and two other drug dealers The fugitive Amrit Raj had planned to keep cocaine in Pamela’s car In addition, Amrit helped the rest of the accused in various ways Detectives are searching for him The cocaine scandal has caused a stir in the political arena Finally, on the 74th day, the Kolkata Police submitted the chargesheet

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