The kitchen will work, not stop working for people! Long live the Jadavpur labor canteen

#Jadavpur: Jadavpur Labor Canteen. Everyone knows about this kitchen now. Anyone can get food from here for only 20 rupees. The canteen was opened in a lockdown situation during the Corona period. One year has passed but the work of Red Volunteers has not stopped. After the lockdown started last year due to Corona Ultimari, the way of earning of the poor and working people was stopped. It was then that the idea of ​​starting a free canteen for day-to-day food started at the initiative of the CPM leadership in Jadavpur. At the initiative of the local CPM leadership, work was started to build a temporary kitchen at Vijaygarh in Jadavpur assembly constituency and feed the unemployed workers. In a few days, the entrepreneurs decided to expand it on a larger scale, noting the response of the working class around the kitchen.

But today, as soon as the results of the state assembly elections come out, many questions are forming in the minds of the people. Will this working canteen be run even after this defeat of the CPM? Today, this question is revolving in the minds of the people centering on their defeat in the Assembly elections. They kept commenting on the Facebook page of Jadavpur Shramjibi Canteen and asking questions again and again. Many people have asked questions. After this, the Red Volunteers of Jadavpur Workers Canteen said on Facebook today. They said in writing, “Many people have left messages on the page, or commented on the bottom of an old post in the light of today’s election results. Many want to know if the canteen will continue, many are saying to close the canteen. We started this canteen as a long-term political program – not as an election campaign, so whatever the outcome of the election, as long as people donate and volunteer with us, this canteen will continue to be. Meals are delivered to the homes of Kovid patients, and that will be done. The Jadavpur labor canteen will continue. “

The work of the workers will not stop winning the vote rate. They must work for the people. Many commented in this post, “Red Volunteers do their job, you don’t want to know who you voted for.” Their main job is to deliver food to the people in this terrible epidemic. They do not work for the people by seeing the result of the vote. Collecting food with only 20 rupees, construction workers from security guards of big shopping malls, delivery boys of e-commerce companies from small shop workers. This work is admirable at this bad time today. Long live the working canteen.

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