Shovon Jaya Ratna Chatterjee is starting her fight as a MLA this time

#Kolkata: For a long time I have seen members of the House take oath as councilors, MLAs, ministers. This time he is going to take oath as a MLA. The Chattopadhyay family of Behala has changed due to the tension of personal relationship. Hundreds of yojanas away from the battle of politics is the former mayor of Kolkata, former minister of state Shovan Chatterjee. Ratna Chatterjee has snatched the victory by fighting for the grassroots in the center where she left. As a result, his presence in the field of politics has changed his life.

However, MLA Ratna says, “I have worked for people from the side of people before. Even today, I will work for the people from the side of the people. ”Shovan Chatterjee has not had a long-standing relationship with his ward. Ratna Chatterjee handled the work of Shovan’s ward. As a result, it has become his habit to work as a public representative. Which is a lot like rehearsals. However, he has been seeing Shovonbabu for a long time to handle his work as a people’s representative. He has seen the work of handling as a minister from the front. As a result, he is confident that the newly elected MLA of Jora Phul Shibir will be able to handle it. Ratna does not want to discuss Shovonbabu’s move away from politics in this election. He is not interested in that. His clear answer was, “I have seen Shovonbabu as a councilor, MLA, minister. As a result, I know what it is like to work as a people’s representative, what is the procedure.” Mamata Banerjee loves Shovon Chatterjee very much. He also expressed his sorrow in the close quarters about the change of vol. Mamata Banerjee’s name was saved on Shovon Chatterjee’s mobile phone as ‘Mother’. That beauty is now far away from the Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee. His girlfriend has been discussed more in all quarters than his political position. BJP leaders have also made many efforts to manipulate Shovon-Baishakhi. But this time their political position has changed as they do not have a name as a candidate. Ratna Chatterjee can take oath as MLA on the 8th. Then the first innings of MLA Ratna’s politics will start. Mamata Banerjee, however, has been calling Ratna a ‘heavyweight’ from the very beginning.


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