June 15, 2021

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Unprecedented decision! This university is giving 500 rupees to the students for using internet in Corona situation

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#Kolkata: Sidhu Kanhu Birsa University in Purulia took an unprecedented decision to offer online classes. University authorities have decided to pay Rs 500 for internet use so that students can take classes online in Corona situation. The authorities claim that the decision was taken to alleviate the financial problems of the students. Corona infection is on the rise across the state. In this situation, most of the universities are taking online classes. With that in mind, this university in Jangalmahal has taken an unprecedented decision. University Vice-Chancellor Deepak Kumar Kar said, “Classes are being conducted online at present. Many students are facing financial difficulties for using the internet. That is why we have taken this decision to stand by the students.”

The university said in a statement that only second and fourth semesters of postgraduate level and third, fourth and sixth semesters of undergraduate level will get this opportunity for the time being. The university has informed that only the students of even semester will get this opportunity for the time being. However, in that case the money will be given directly to the bank account of those students. The university has already requested the names of the students, their registration numbers, roll numbers, subjects, semesters and mobile numbers. According to university sources, the process of giving the money will start as soon as the students get the detailed information. Last year, the first phase of the corona infection, starting with the development of sanitizers, this university stood by Purulia through various means. This time, a part of the university thinks that the decision to pay 500 rupees to students for online classes is positive.

However, this university in Jangalmahal took such an unprecedented decision but no university adjacent to Kolkata Bazar could take such a decision. However, in the early stages of the corona infection, some Jadavpur University students made multiple demands, including students’ mobiles, for internet use. But in practice it was not implemented that way. Some professors claim that this is the first university in the state to take such a decision. Currently the cost of using the internet has come down a lot. It is said that in this case, the use of internet will be more accessible to the students. Many are claiming that this is the first university in the state to take such a decision.


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