June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Corona in Kolkata: ‘Mother was not given a drop of water’, NRS hospital complains of gross negligence in treatment of corona

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#Kolkata: While the number of corona infections is increasing day by day across the state, the number of corona positive deaths is on the rise. Meanwhile, there are allegations of negligence in the treatment of Corona victims from various government and private hospitals. Complaints of leaving a patient without corona without treatment, allegations of demanding money from the families of helpless patients, or lack of adequate oxygen.

Gopa Das, 44, a resident of Beleghata in Kolkata, was suffering from acute anemia. He was attacked by Corona on April 26. After that his condition deteriorated and on 26 April he was admitted to NRS Medical College Hospital in Sealdah with many attempts. The family complained that the treatment had been neglected since admission. Even the day after he was admitted, he shouted to the man of the house from the second floor of the hospital and said that not even a drop of water was given.

Then a bottle of water was bought from the family and given to Gopa Devi. Sriparna Das, daughter of Gopa Devi, complained, “Despite her mother’s anemia, she was not given blood despite repeated requests. Four days after her admission, she was told that she had been given blood. Didn’t arrive. A complete lie was told from our Corona ward. The doctors didn’t see my mother well at all. ” He further complained, “Ayara of NRS is horrible. She wants money in all cases if she wants to know anything, if she wants to give any food. My mother passed away prematurely due to utter indifference and negligence of treatment.”

Gopa Das died on Wednesday morning. After that, the angry family members started protesting in the hospital. The police of Antali police station came running. The situation is handled. However, the complaints of many other patients with corona have been matched by the complaints of Gopa Devi’s family. The families of many patients undergoing treatment for coronary heart disease complain that no information is given about the patients. The ultimate abuse of workers is, in many cases, not getting the amount of oxygen they need.

Although the NRS hospital authorities have denied all the allegations in this case. According to the hospital authorities, they have not received any written complaint in this regard. However, there is no basis for allegations of medical negligence. All patients with corona are being treated properly.


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