June 15, 2021

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‘Fire is burning in Bengal, please stop the violence’, tweeted Katar Arji Mithun – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: The results of the West Bengal Assembly Election Results 2021 have just come out. Mamata Banerjee’s party is going to come to power for three terms with an absolute majority. This time the fight was fierce. The BJP came down to the waist to establish their rights in Bengal. But the Trinamool is going to return to the state for three times with an unexpected victory. Ghasful (TMC) has secured 214 seats. On the other hand, Padma is stuck at 7.

Trinamool activists in the districts have started celebrating the victory since the results were made public. Despite this corona situation all kinds of victory celebrations, meetings, processions were banned. But who cares. This is not the end, post-poll violence has started in various parts of the state since the green storm at the ballot box. Somewhere party office vandalism, somewhere BJP or CPM workers are beaten, murdered, tortured. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already called the governor expressing concern over the law and order situation in the state. The Home Ministry has sent a report to the state on the post-poll violence. But even after all this, Bengal is not calming down. This time, actor Mithun Chakraborty, who has just joined the BJP, opened his mouth about this issue before the vote.

In a tweet on Wednesday, he wrote, “Bengal has been burning since the election. Please stop this violence. People’s lives are more important than politics. Please stop this violence by thinking about their families.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, director Srijit Mukherjee, actor Abir Chatterjee and many other Tollywood stars opened their mouths on Twitter about the post-election violence in Bengal. Oishee Ghosh, the leftist leader of Jamuria also opened her mouth.

On Wednesday, the day Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as chief minister, BJP president JP Nadda and state BJP president Dilip Ghosh will sit in front of Hastings’ office in protest of post-poll violence. The BJP has claimed that a total of eight people, including its activists and supporters, were killed in the post-poll violence. He also claimed that one of them was a woman. In this situation, they are pointing the finger of blame at the grassroots. Although the grassroots did not take the allegations seriously.

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