The center is not buying the state, on the day of Mamata’s oath, three and a half lakh covacins in the state?

Kolkata: COVID Second Wave has hit the country. And because of this, the situation has become worse this time than last year. The number of victims is increasing at a record rate every day. The death march is going on. Bengali is not left out either. The number of victims and deaths is also setting a record in West Bengal. In this situation, several states of the country have gone under lockdown to prevent the infection. In this situation, Mamata Banerjee will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time today.

However, Mamata is not in favor of lockdown in the state right now. He wants people to be aware. He is pleading to do all the work while maintaining physical distance in accordance with the Kovid rules. At the same time, he wanted to emphasize on vaccination. He has challenged the Center to ensure that the Chief Minister is sitting for the third time, saying that he will join the non-violent movement if the Center does not provide free vaccinations.

However, the state government has already decided to buy 30 million vaccines to provide free vaccinations to all the residents of the state without waiting for the Center. This decision of Mamata Banerjee is therefore gaining praise from economists as well as at the social level. The state has already ordered one million covshields and 360,000 covacin vaccines. Sources said that on Wednesday, the day Mamata Banerjee was sworn in, 360,000 covacins could enter the state. Meanwhile, vaccination of 18 to 44 year olds has started in the state today.

According to sources, out of the 30 million vaccines that the state has decided to buy, the state will keep 20 million vaccines. The remaining 10 million antidotes may be given to private hospitals. Health officials hope that if this antidote is found, the antidote will be confirmed for about five and a half crore people in the state.

However, the Supreme Court has again raised the question of why the price of vaccine is different between the Center and the state. Not only that, which state will get the vaccine first, and which state later, on what basis the government is deciding, the court also asked for an answer. Regarding the price difference, the court said to the Center, “Even if they take Rs 150 from you, the vaccine companies are taking Rs 300-400 from the states.” Why are we human beings as citizens of this country? In this case, the cost difference is about 30-40 thousand crore! When I buy with money, then why this inequality? We are not giving any instructions, but you should consider the matter. However, Mamata Banerjee’s government is now trying to handle the situation by buying vaccines for the state after the Centre’s procrastination.

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