June 15, 2021

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143 new MLAs sworn in today, Mamata herself goes to the assembly to greet

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#Kolkata: Today they have a smile on their face after the vote fight. Sajo Sajo Rob is in the assembly today. Hon’ble Chief Minister took oath on Wednesday. The swearing in of the MLAs in the cowardly situation started today, Thursday. 143 people will take oath on this day. Just as there are heavyweights like Madan Mitra among them, there are new faces like Raj Chakraborty.

The assembly premises have been smiling since morning. Someone entered wearing a broken sari with a smile, someone entered in a white Punjabi. On the first day, Mamata Banerjee herself greeted them. He stayed for a very short time, greeted everyone and said, “I saw it. I am swearing in the assembly. I will come again.” The wave of dam-breaking was heard in the throats of many MLAs who had set foot in the Assembly for the new innings. Here is their first response:

Eternal – Bengali is not divided. Once upon a time Bengal was divided. This time it will not happen. The people of Bengal stopped. They were coming to take Deucha Panchami, Ashoknagar oil pit, to take money. Bengalis will give jobs to Bengali boys and girls. The game is over. We won 6-0.

Madan Mitra – There is no one as stupid as the center. Their agency says the state is the first to protect women. Ask them to send the vaccine instead. This is my last innings. I got it all. I am honored.

Nowshad Siddiqui – I will fight as a representative of the United Front. I’m not afraid. I’ll talk to people. I will fight as a representative of the United Front. I’m not afraid. I’ll talk to people.

Raj Chakraborty – There will be no unrest. I will stop the unrest. Now my old world is not Now this is my new world. I learned to work first I want to learn the assembly I have started working with Corona. Need to work with water. Many crises will come. I will work with the team. Shubhshree greeted.

Raj Chakraborty in the assembly. Raj Chakraborty in the assembly.

Atin Ghosh – I worked in the assembly in Kolkata to deal with Corona I became a MLA today. My first and foremost task is not to deal with it Maintain proper oxygen supply.

Lovely friend – My father worked in the assembly. I used to come from a young age. So nostalgic today I won to swear. Violence is not unilateral. We will work to stop the unrest.

Ratna Chatterjee – How many times have I told my mother to show the assembly. Mother could not show. Today I came to the assembly by my own efforts. There is some work left in 11 wards. They have to end.

Manoj Tigga – Couldn’t meet goal. But we will talk about the people of the state. I will talk about law and order. I will fulfill the responsibility given by the team. The election of the parliamentary leader will take place soon.

Perth Landlord – We have fulfilled our expectations with Barrackpore Industrial Area. People are by our side. Now the main job is to work with Corona

Biswajit Das – There is some unrest in the area. However, I am getting all the cooperation from the administration to cut the unrest.

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