June 18, 2021

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6-This stopped, why the BJP’s victory in Banga remained elusive? – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee started the third innings. Clean leftists. The BJP is much weaker than the Lok Sabha as the opposition. Why did the party that I have said till the last vote get 200 seats stop their chariot? Why this failure? Observers point out six reasons:

The second wave of corona infection

The tide of propaganda in Corona was not well received by the people. The question arises, how will those who are so careless in campaigning without dealing with Corona give the gift of good governance to the Bengalis. The effect of this is read in the ballot box. It is seen that as the election progresses, the BJP’s vote share has decreased. In the last two rounds (by then the situation in the country has been enough in the second wave of Corona) the BJP has got a little more than 32 per cent votes. The difference in vote share with the Trinamool was about 20 percent. In a word, the people of Bengal thought that the BJP was more desperate to seize power.

External theory

BJP all-India level leaders have come to Bengal regularly at this stage by chartering more than 150 flights. It is not only that these leaders have visited Bengal regularly in the past, but it is also easy to understand that they are not very much associated with Bengali culture. The Bengalis who came and went frequently in the Corona episode did not take well. The grassroots have easily identified this coming and going as an outward journey. Ordinary women of Bengal did not take Narendra Modi’s crooked words for Mamata Banerjee very well. The result was seen in the ballot box.

People did not believe the defectors

At least 47 defectors went to the BJP in the face of the vote. Only Mihir Goswami has won the election. Mukul Roy has also won, but he has long since severed ties with the grassroots. There is controversy over the victory of Shuvendu Adhikari. No one else could cut the stain that way.

Government projects

The BJP attacked grassroots corruption as a tool. But projects like Swasthyasathi or tell Didi, allegations of corruption in front of services like government at the door have not been washed away. Healthcare has also somehow empowered women. Because the customers of this card are mainly housewives. Besides, the promise of projects like rations at the door has given the grassroots the vote of the people.

Joy Sriram

The Bengalis have no opposition to Sriram. But the way in which the victory slogan was politicized to attack the state chief minister was not well received by many, observers say.

Face mask

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have repeatedly come to Bengal to campaign for this election. But they never said clearly who their chief minister’s face is. It is a known fact that Modi-Shah will not be the Chief Minister of Bengal. The BJP has not been able to create the brand Buddha, the brand Mamata in the way it has entered the minds of Bengalis, only Bhumiputra will be the Chief Minister. This is a big reason why acceptance is not created.

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