June 20, 2021

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Is the college-university exam for May online? According to the Vice-Chancellor UGC …

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#Kolkata: The Corona situation in India is becoming increasingly worrying. And so the UGC warned the schools as well as the universities. The University Grants Commission sent a letter to all the universities in the state on Thursday. In this situation, it has been written in writing so that there is no test offline. The letter said the test could not be taken offline in May. University vice-chancellors have been asked to keep that in mind.

However, the letter said universities would only decide if they would take the exam online instead of offline in consultation with the states concerned. Not only that, the vice-chancellors have been asked to look into the issue of online exams so that the internet connection is maintained, especially for students in marginal areas. For the time being, the UGC has informed about this decision for the month of May, but the next decision will be informed after review, the UGC said in the letter.

Colleges and universities in the state are currently closed. Prior to the state assembly elections, the higher education department had informed that for the time being, classes would be online and examinations would also be online. However, the state higher education department did not want to give importance to the letter sent by UGC on Thursday. Because the state has already been informed to take the test online in anticipation of the Corona situation in advance. Most of the universities in the state are taking the exam online. On behalf of the state government, the higher education department has also made it clear that no exams will be taken offline for the time being. Although the results are all online exams at the moment, there is not much undergraduate and postgraduate examination under the universities in May, at least that is the news of the universities in the state. However, the state higher education department did not respond to the UGC’s letter.

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