June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Mamata orders to stop unrest irrespective of party affiliation, compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the families of the victims

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#Kolkata: A delegation of the Home Ministry arrived in the state today amid news of post-election riots. In a few hours, on the second day of the third phase, at the press conference, he once again fired at the Center and urged all parties not to engage in any violent activities. The clear message of the Chief Minister is that any kind of violence must be stopped immediately. “I don’t want violence,” he said. No need, no political procession meeting, yet the Union Ministers are creating a situation of violence in the villages. On the same day, Mamata announced that the families of those killed in the 2021 election violence would be compensated by the government with Tk 2 lakh.

What will be the medicine to prevent violence? Mamata made it clear that there was some unrest after the election. We have identified black spots. We will take appropriate action against them. But his instinct was to send a team to the Union Home Ministry. He said that there was no government in 24 hours. The team is coming into it. I will tell the BJP to accept the rate. People accept the verdict. Mamata’s comment, the team doesn’t come when they don’t get saline in oxygen, the team doesn’t come when they don’t get vaccine, the team doesn’t come when journalists are killed.

Mamata also warned the lower level leaders and workers of the party. He is heard to say, I will tell my boys not to go to riots. I will not forgive anyone for making a fuss.

After talking about the election riots, Mamata shifted her focus to Karona. He also told the ministers that RTPCR test would be required from outside. Although a minister. The special flight will actually be RTPCR. Quarantine as soon as Kovid is caught.

The issue of PM Kisan Yojana promise also came up in today’s conference. Mamata said, “The Prime Minister said that the farmers will be paid Rs 16,000. I want the money to be given to the farmers this time. We have sent a list of 1.4 million farmers.”

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