June 18, 2021

The Times of Bengal

Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Sweet message to BJP candidate, Midnapore fascinated by ‘other’ politics in June

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#Kolkata: Tollywood’s first-line face. Although she was seen in Mamata Banerjee’s star circle, she did not have much interest in the political environment. But in this year’s ‘tough’ assembly election (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021), the Trinamool leader sent him to fight in the tougher Midnapore. Mamata Banerjee has a big smile on her face. June has won the Trinamool from BJP state president Dilip Ghosh’s constituency. No matter how much Mamata Banerjee is the face of the Trinamool in the 294-seat constituency, the party workers in Medinipur, who were bitten by the ground in Medinipur in June during the entire polls, have been rejuvenated. People have also shown confidence in June. The result of the vote is proof of that.

But among all the winning candidates in the entire state, Jun Malia has stood out. Because of his ‘unexpected’ courtesy. After the results were announced, June reached the house of defeated BJP candidate Shamit Kumar Das on Wednesday. He also greeted Shamit with flowers and sweets. It can be said that when the result was a picture of unrest in Bengal, June set a new precedent of courtesy.

June was sworn in as MLA on Thursday. After leaving the swearing-in ceremony, he said, ‘I have come to the area to talk. There was no unrest Will not The main goal now is to work hand in hand against Kovid. He reached the house of the BJP candidate with the message of working hand in hand.

Visiting the house of the defeated BJP candidate, June said, ‘I don’t want unrest in our area. Everyone wants peace. We both want to send a message of peace to the activist supporters of both parties. The two sides will work together for the development of the area. Shamit also said to be by his side. Said ‘She (Jun Malia) is my sister. I also like his acting. He is now the MLA of the area. We talked about working together. ‘ After that, even standing in the assembly, the message of June has won the hearts of all.

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