June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

‘Why are the Union Ministers still in Bengal even after the vote?’ Mamata alleges provocation

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#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has come to power with huge seats in the state. He lost by a narrow margin, but won 213 seats in the state. The Trinamool has also won a huge percentage of the vote. But as a result, the fire of political unrest is burning in many places in Bengal. Fatalities are also happening. And with that, the Center-State conflict has escalated without Mamata taking the oath of office as the Chief Minister for the third time. Narendra Modi’s phone call to the governor, report to the state and the governor, above all the sudden arrival of the central party in the state has taken the conflict to the seventh. And on that basis, Mamata Banerjee set the tone against the Center from Nabanna on Thursday. He said, ‘The central party came to Bengal a few hours after the swearing in. Why aren’t they coming when oxygen, vaccines are not available? Why the central team is not sent after the unrest in Delhi?

After that, even after the vote was over, Mamata also fired at the Union ministers stationed in the state. He raised the question, ‘Why are the Union Ministers still in Bengal?’ At the same time, Mamata warned not to give undue persuasion to the Union Minister.

Mamata also pointed the finger of blame at the BJP over the state’s violence. In the words of the Chief Minister, ‘Kochbihar is the most violent. Our Udayan Guhar hand has been broken. We are looking into everything. The BJP cannot accept the verdict of the people. So they are making a fuss. I will tell them to accept the verdict of the people. ‘

Incidentally, the practice of ‘excessive activism’ of the Center has started in the political arena with the post-poll violence in Bengal. The Union Home Ministry has formed a four-member team to investigate the situation in the state. The members of that group arrived in Calcutta on Thursday. They met for about an hour and a half in Navanne. Additional Secretary level officers are leading the team. It is learned that they will also visit the areas from where the news of riots is coming after the results of the assembly polls.

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