June 23, 2021

The Times of Bengal

Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Corona In Bengal: Closed local train, Bata to Baranagar, Ichapur to Sonarpur

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#Kolkata: The wheel came back. The bicycle came back. Memories of the hardships of 2020, 2021. Closed local train. From Bata to Baranagar, from Ichapur to Sonarpur – again cycled a mile.

Twenty to twenty-one. Corona-poison irritation still. Many poisonous pictures of twenty are coming back. Infections increasing in size. Small lockdown in the form of a tool to deal with. Local train off. The left-handed bicycle also returned to this situation. Crowds of bats on the bus. There is a risk of infection in the foot. As a result bus travel naib naib f. Therefore, safe two-wheeled reliance on people who eat day after day.

Such as Tanmay Vardhan. Lives in Ichapur. Sealdah from Ichapur – Twenty-one year old daily passenger. Local trains closed again after last year. Trust that bike.

Howrah Bridge was cycling on Thursday morning. Responsibility to save jobs, fear of getting on the bus. The result is pressure on the paddle. I cycled a mile. It would have been nice to have time before the train stopped. Many people think.

Chandni from Vaidyabati – about 41 km. Jayant Das is going to the office by bicycle as the train is closed. Bicycle home from the office. Fear of becoming jobless if you don’t go to the office.

Women are also competing in bicycle tours. Such as electricity. He has to go to Batanagar by bicycle from Sonarpur.

Many people say that the emphasis should be on breaking the chain of transmission. The electricity of Tanmoy of Baranagar or Sonarpur is well known. So their goal now is to maintain the balance of the bicycle to keep the balance of the world.

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