June 19, 2021

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Former Minister Zakir Hossain was released from hospital today, almost two and a half months after the bomb blast.

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#Kolkata: The wound has dried up. The wound of the mind has been removed even if it is a little bit. This time, the former minister of state Zakir Hossain returned home Minister Zakir Hossain was seriously injured in a bomb blast in his area. His party Trinamool Congress has nominated him again. Although Kovid has backed down from his vote in the situation. This time Zakir Hossain himself could not campaign in that sense in the air of voting. Since the vote will be in his center after 7 So Zakir Hossain will run the campaign with time.

About two and a half months later, Zakir Hossain was released from SSKM Hospital. He left the Woodburn ward of SSKM Hospital this morning in an ambulance and left for his home in Jangipur. According to sources, he will meet his people at his center today. Which will be a little court of the people. After that he will return to his home in Raghunathganj. There he also met with the party leadership. From there he will return to his own residence Suti Arangabad. Firhad Hakim, the top leader of the Trinamool Congress, used to inquire about everything about Zakir Hossain. “The danger has been averted by the supervision of the chief minister and the efforts of the doctors. The doctors have told Zakir to be careful,” he said. However, due to security reasons, Zakir Hossain’s association is being rushed. It is forbidden to leave the house. You will meet according to the distance rules.

For now, the specialist doctors of SSKM Hospital have given him a special shoe. For the time being, he has to walk around wearing this special surgical shoe due to the kind of wound on his leg. Minister of State Zakir Hossain was injured in a bomb blast before the polls on February 18 this year. 27 people were injured. The Central Investigation Agency is investigating the blast at Nimatita station. Zakir Hossain was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. He slowly recovered and was rushed to the ambulance where he submitted his nomination. He was admitted to the hospital after that. Finally returning home today. Zakir Hossain congratulated Mamata Banerjee on becoming the Chief Minister for the third time.

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