June 20, 2021

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Misleading post, mocking Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee! The complaint against Kangana was lodged at Ultodanga police station

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#Kolkata: A man named Riju Datta has filed a complaint against actress Kangana Ranaut for making vulgar remarks about Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on social media. Trinamool leader Riju Dutt has lodged a complaint at Ultadanga Police Station.

Basically, a popular actress like Kangana has made negative comments about the situation in Bengal He is attacking the Chief Minister, which will affect the common man as well Such remarks will spread confusion That’s why Riju has filed this complaint, he said

The actress has had to face problems for her unbridled comments at different times Even then he did not stop After the BJP’s defeat in Bengal, he did not express his views on social media And there he compared Bengal with Kashmir He further wrote that after the return of Trinamool to power in Bengal, violence is increasing He did not even stop making negative remarks against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee This kind of comment can have a serious effect on the public opinion, experts think

It is not unknown in the country that Kangana is a staunch supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party. His political views are always close to the ruling party of the country. Kangana’s comments on the results of the West Bengal Assembly elections also had a hint of that bias at first. He recently tweeted, “Bangladeshis and Rohingyas are Mamata Banerjee’s greatest strength. The trend I see is that Hindus are no longer in the majority. According to information, the Muslims of Bengal are the poorest and most deprived. Well, there is going to be another Kashmir. “

Kangna’s Twitter account was later suspended for spreading violence. Anand Bhushan and Rimjhim Dadu, two renowned fashion designers, have said that they do not want to work with Kangana in the future.

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