June 20, 2021

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Opposition leader will be right, there are no buds! What is the indication of Dilip Ghosh?

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Kolkata: After a long time, Mukul Roy came to the polls and got success. But the political circles are saying that even if they win, it is not good. Firstly the team lost hugely, secondly the boy also lost. After all, there are rumors that Mamata’s commander-in-chief is once ‘soft’ at the grassroots. So many people think that Mukul’s dissatisfaction with the team is more than the grief of losing the team. That arrogance seems to have been caught in the swearing-in ceremony as well. When asked by the media, he said, ‘I will not say anything today. I will call everyone on the day I say it. ‘ And the speculation has started with this ‘day’ of Mukul. In that source, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was also questioned about the Mukul episode. And Dilip’s almost avoided answer is, ‘Everyone knows Mukul Dar here. He came to the assembly for the first time. He will talk to everyone, that’s normal. ‘ Incidentally, Mukul had a ‘pleasant’ exchange with Trinamool state president Subrata Bokshi on this day.

Ever since the results of the vote were announced, there has been speculation of a change of party. The most talked about is the ‘changelings’. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has already ‘welcomed’ them. As a result, discussions are going on within the BJP about who will return to the old party after leaving the grassroots before the polls. However, Dilip said, ‘The Chief Minister can welcome the defectors. But why they left the team should be considered. ‘

The BJP parliamentary party has a meeting in the assembly on this day. Dilip Ghosh appeared in the assembly to be present there. Today’s meeting will decide who will sit in the seat of the Leader of the Opposition. According to BJP sources, Shuvendu Adhikari is ahead of the opposition leader in terms of experience. Gerua Shibir could also give Shuvendu the post of Leader of the Opposition as a reward for losing Mamata Banerjee.

Significantly, however, after Mukul Roy was sworn in as MLA on that day, several BJP MLAs in the Assembly called for him to become the Leader of the Opposition. Mukul, however, did not respond. As a result, speculation about him is spreading. Dilip, however, has skipped the Mukul episode for the time being.

Instead, the BJP state president has set the tone for post-poll violence. Even today, Dilip complained, ‘Our Ghatal MLA could not come to take oath due to unrest in the area. Let the state government ensure the safety of the people. Violence is still going on in various directions. The joy of this victory should be for the grassroots only when people can stay at home.

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