June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Private hospitals are no longer vaccinated! ‘Fog’ in new state guidelines

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#Kolkata: The state government has completely stopped vaccinating private hospitals According to a guideline issued by the state government, the state government will no longer be able to supply vaccines to private hospitals in compliance with the central government’s guidelines. They have to buy the vaccine directly from the manufacturer. Recently, the state government had ordered 30 million vaccines from the Center. Of this, 10 million doses were to be given to private hospitals. If the private hospital was not vaccinated, who did the state government want the vaccine for? The question has started to arise A few days ago, the state government had directed that private hospitals should return all old stocks of vaccines to the government after April 30. From May 1, private hospitals will have to buy the vaccine from a manufacturing company to run the corona vaccine. But later they said they would also vaccinate private hospitals And accordingly, the Center was quoted by State 7

Already, the Union Ministry of Health has said that the states and Union Territories have 94.48 lakh doses of the vaccine in stock. So far, they said, more than 160 million vaccines have been given to states and union territories. In addition, they will be given another 37 lakh 37 thousand 30 doses of covid vaccine in the next three days.

Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court has asked the Modi government directly what the central government is thinking about giving free corona vaccine to the people. The Center has to be informed by affidavit by Monday.

On the other hand, the state government has approached the Supreme Court seeking free distribution of Corona Ticker. It is also demanded that a uniform policy be adopted for vaccination across the country. According to the source, the state government has stated in its petition that the Center should take immediate steps to provide the vaccine and ensure its free distribution in the states. An application has also been made to change the policy on price inequality. The Supreme Court is expected to hear the case next Monday.

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